About Us

Ola is an Autistic Black Queer Femme in her 20’s who writes about sex, dating, bdsm/kink and romance. A self proclaimed self-care guru though she’ll deny it if you ask. You can find her at her socials posting relatable content and telling it to you like it is, even when it hurts. It’s the sadomasochist in her but she won’t tell you that either.

What is Shaking Sheets?

Shaking Sheets is a blog and brand founded in 2019 by Ola, a Black Queer Femme with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who was frustrated by the lack of representation people like her experienced in conversations about sex, BDSM/kink and dating. A sex educator with more than five years’ experience… Instead of waiting for someone else to come along, Ola took it into her own hands to begin documenting her observations and experiences, offering candid recollections of sexual faux pas’ and stories that help continue the dialogue regarding the complexities of Human Sexuality while maintaining levity.

What Should I Expect?

  • Post related to sex/dating woes
  • An Ask Ola! advice column that will feature questions from real readers
  • Virtual laughs, cries and hugs (with enthusiastic consent obvi.)

  • Updates on new information about sexual health (i.e STI testing, medications and contraception etc.)
  • Recommendations for media to consume and items we trust to buy